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Still, the past week has yielded ominous signs that a moment is already being missed by the Greens. Stein hoped for a vice-presidential game-changer, reaching out to prominent Bernie Sanders surrogate and former Ohio state Senator Nina Turner, only to be publicly rebuffed, prompting her to settle for obscure left-wing activist Ajamu Baraka.

Tom Rosner is a successful lawyer, and a pretty good catch, but the unmarried state of her "Tommy" is his seriously sick mother Helen Rosner's greatest sorrow, so he lets her play matchmaker and dates girls she picks, usually to no avail. For once Tom is impressed with Jane Cronin, the nurse in his ma's daughter's office, but is wrong assuming she likes him. Helen arranges a second date, which convinces Jane, but now Tom is refusing to commit. Helen succeeds in making him change his mind by playing in to jealousy, then learns her cancer is back, and now terminally in her liver... Written by KGF Vissers

Jill Match Made Up In HeavenJill Match Made Up In HeavenJill Match Made Up In HeavenJill Match Made Up In Heaven